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Spotify Apps Overview

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This post is quite long in coming as I have been playing with the Spotify Apps API for a while now. For those who don’t know what the Spotify Apps API is, basically it’s a framework provided by Spotify to allow third-party apps to sit within the Spotify Desktop application and interact with the audio functionality that Spotify users use such as playing tracks / albums, recommending music, playlists etc etc.

Internally it uses the Chrome web engine to render pages and your apps are built using HTML and JS, the engine they have embedded gives you access to most of the functionality included in HTML5 with the exception of video and audio (for obvious reasons).

You can get details on how to build apps by heading over to the Spotify Developer Home section.

The documentation they provide currently is a little sparse especially in the JS API area where most of the things you might want try are missing.

I will be putting together a series of blog posts about some of the things I have discovered whilst playing with it so that others might be able to spare the pain of trying to figure some things out for themselves. There are also a number workarounds I have had to put together to fix some issues that have come up, I will be blogging about these as well.

Disclaimer: I haven’t yet published an app within Spotify so most of the things I have discovered is based on experirmentation but when I do I will be sure to broadcast it on here for people to have a play with