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Jump in Camp - Day 1

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The first day of Jump in Camp involved the short trip from London Heathrow to Zurich, after arriving at the airport nice and early I checked in and spent an hour wandering around the departures lounge before meeting up with Juozas.

Then came the short 90 minute flight with BA which I have to say was quite pleasant, by the time we had taken off and been served the drink and biscuits I had just enough time to catch up on the latest episode of Lost – Season 6 before were were ready to land.

Upon arrival we were first greated with a short train ride between terminals, which is generally quite normal these days except for some strange reason every now and again the train would make a kind of Mooo’ing sound. If anyone has any suggestions as to the significance / reason of this I would love to hear them!

After collecting our luggage we were met in arrivals by the lovely Nicole Zahnd and taken to a small fenced off area where beer and snacks were provided whilst we waiting for our mini-bus to take us to the Panorama Resort & Spa Feusisberg.

After a short ride of 40 minutes or so we arrived at the hotel (photo’s coming soon) and completed checkin before the buffet dinner, it was here we had time to meet the other participants and have a good chat over food and wine. The food I have to say was really good and the sorbet type dessert with the spoons which only just fitted inside the glass was very popular with everyone I think.

Quite an interesting discussion was had about how people without children could annoy their friends and family who do have children with the most annoying toys, its fair to say it left me with some great idea’s for my nieces’ next birthday ;–)

Soon came time to retire in preperation for the exciting things that awaited us the next morning (8.30 start)…

More about that soon!